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6 Ways to Wear CoolLife This Summer

There's basically no bad way to wear a T-shirt. We expanding the endless versatility of the everyday tee by supercharging it with cooling powers. Here's your summer guide for how to wear CoolLife best.

Want to Fight Climate Change? Turn Down your Thermostat

Cutting carbon emissions is the most effective way to stave off climate change. Decreasing energy use by turning down your thermostat is one of the easiest ways to do it.

5 Eco-Friendly Gifts for Mother's Day

It's that time of year again to celebrate mom. Here are a few sustainable and eco-friendly takes on classic Mother's Day gifts.

Hrishikesh Hirway on Song Exploder, Efficient Design & Reclaiming Creativity

What can the process of making a song teach us about tackling climate change? We sat down with Hrishikesh Hirway, creator of the Song Exploder podcast, to talk Song Exploder, his latest album “Rooms I used to call my own”, and how creative problem solving can help solve the globe’s biggest environmental issues.

The Less Edit: Curbing Carbon

This Earth Day, our Less Edit takes a deep dive into all things carbon. From sequestration to offsets, to the impact more CO2 in the atmosphere is having on the physical planet, and six easy steps you can take to reduce your footprint.

LifeLabs Partners with CarbonFund.org to Offset Shipping Emissions

To offset our carbon emissions from shipping, LifeLabs partnered with CarbonFund. Here's what that means, and how it helps to reduce global carbon emissions now and in the future.

PROWL: Regenerative Design for a Sustainable Future

Industrial designers Lauryn Menard and Baillie Mishler of PROWL Studio are on a mission to make the world more sustainable through design. Here, we talk circularity, regenerative versus sustainable, and how consumers can support the shift to more thoughtful, earth-friendly goods.

Dylan Bowman Wins 100-mile Races. Here’s His Take on Sleep

To perform at his highest level (and win races) ultra-marathon runner Dylan Bowman relies on good sleep. Here, he tells us why it's important, how it can be elusive after big workouts and what rituals he employs to make sure his sleep is the best it can be.

A Deep Sleep Ritual in 5 Easy(ish) Steps

A sleep ritual can make the difference between a great night's sleep and a mediocre one. Here are 5 easy ways to ritualize your sleep, with some help from science.

LifeLabs Care Guide: Cool is the Rule

To get the most out of your sustainable LifeLabs goods, follow these lightest-care guidelines.

10 Surprising Costs of Bad Sleep

Bad sleep does more than just make people grumpy. One-third of adults in the US report insufficient sleep, resulting in major economic, health and social costs.

The Less Edit: Sleep and Dreams

In this month's Less Edit, we dig into the many angles of sleep, from the science to the subconscious, bedtime stories and even how climate change could make good sleep harder to get. 

How the Life Systems Approach Offers Less And More

LifeLabs Life Systems approach offers versatile, timeless designs that can be worn anywhere for more experience with less materials and environmental impact.

From Animals to Humans, Insulation Explained

What can humans learn from the way animals stay warm through the winter? Insulation. Here's your guide to why insulation works, what kinds are best, and how LifeLabs is breaking the mold with our insulating materials.

New York’s Fashion Act Could Usher a New Era in Apparel Sustainability

New York's proposed Fashion Act offers regulatory framework for major apparel companies which could lead to greater accountability and sustainability in a largely unregulated industry.

5 Tips for Sustainable Love

Falling in love is the easy part. This Valentine’s Day, we caught up with Bozeman, MT based relationship counselor Blair Anne Hensen for her top tips on cultivating a relationship for the long term.

The Less Edit: The Science of Love

What does math have to say about love? How about the neurobiology of prairie voles or physics inspired love poems? It's all in the latest Less Edit.

We Don't Use PFCs. Here's Why.

PFCs provide unprecedented water, oil, stain and heat repellency, but they also persist in the environment for entire lifetimes. Here's what they are, and why we don't use them in LifeLabs products.

How to Warm Up to Winter Hiking

If you want to make the most of winter, nothing beats going for a hike. From what to pack, how to find a trail, to what to wear, here's your guide to doing it right.

Work From Home, Better

Working from home doesn't feel like you never leave the office. Here are 5 tips to increase your WFH productivity, and well-being.

Sustainable Packaging Matters. Here's Why.

Paper and plastic waste from packaging materials often ends up in landfills. We're using all compostable and recyclable materials to ensure ours doesn't. Here's how.

LifeLabs New Sustainability White Paper 2021

Our 2021 New Sustainability White Paper details our guiding actions to ensure sustainability in product development, design, manufacturing, distribution and more.

The Science of Sleep

Humans spend one-third of our lives sleeping. Here's our guide to why sleep matters, why sleeping cool is better, and what you can do to get your best sleep.

LifeLabs in the News

Read the latest LifeLabs news coverage from Esquire, Smithsonian, Forbes, Fast Company and more.

The LifeLabs Holiday Gift Guide

From cooling loungewear to micro-plastic capturing laundry bags and zero-waste toiletries, here's our guide to essential, sustainable gift ideas for everyone on your list.

4 Steps to a More Sustainable Holiday

Between wrapping paper, food waste, travel and decorations, the holidays can be a waste-heavy time. Here are our top tips for how to gift, eat, travel and decorate more sustainable this holiday season.
megawarm jacket

The Science Behind MegaWarm, the World's Warmest Jacket

MegaWarm is the world’s warmest jacket, scientifically developed and designed to harness your body heat in the most effective, streamlined silhouette on the planet. It also uses the fewest materials in the most sustainable way. Here’s how.

Traveling for the holidays? Take these essential pieces with you

LifeLabs' essential apparel for your holiday vacation, from the snowy slopes of the Rockies to the sandy shores of the Caribbean.
wind turbine energy

To Reach Net Zero, We Must Democratize Personal Energy Reduction

Reaching net zero will require more than political leadership. We must all embrace an easy and accessible tool to democratize the reduction of our personal energy: the thermostat.

Quantifying Comfort with Qmax and Clo

To quantify comfort like heating and cooling. Here, an explanation of Qmax and Clo, the tools LifeLabs Design uses to formulate the data behind its WarmLife and CoolLife line.

Turning Promises into Climate Action – COP26 Week 2

Tensions rose during Week 2 of the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasglow as countries negotiated action, protesters filled Glasglow's streets demanding more and the end of the conference signaled the need for consensus.

A Greener Future – Takeaways from COP26’s first week

Key takeaways from week one of the COP26 UN Climate Conference in Glasglow where world leaders pledged to cut emissions, halt deforestation, defund coal and more.

COP26 Dispatch: Clean Tech & The Breakthrough Agenda

The Breakthrough Agenda announced at the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference could lead to cheaper and more accessible clean technologies for electricity, transportation, steel, hydrogen and agriculture.

Microfibers Don’t Have to End Up in the Ocean

Microfibers, small fiber fragments that shed off of fabric during wear and washing, are a growing pollution problem. Here's the rundown on how they're formed and what you can do to prevent them.

10 Facts About Warmlife

Some warming materials are superior to others. Here, we lay out the facts about WarmLife, where less bulk equals higher efficiency and energy savings.

10 Facts About CoolLife

What if a fabric existed that not only could keep you cool, but could also help you reduce your global energy consumption? CoolLife is just that.

Beautifully Efficient: LifeLabs' designer JJ Collier on Sustainable Design

A conversation with LifeLabs’ Global VP of Product Design JJ Collier on his design inspiration, approach to working with LifeLabs materials and focus on beautiful functionality.
image of the forest

LifeLabs Climate Reads

Tackling climate change, one page at a time, from the hardest truths to the most inspiring solutions including books from Richard Powers, David Wallace-Wells, Bill McKibbon, Paul Hawken and Robin Wall Kimmerer.

Dr. Yi Cui on Inventing Textiles for the Future

Conversation with Dr. Yi Cui, LifeLabs Design co-founder on his path to developing the energy reducing technology that led to LifeLabs' unique heating and cooling fabrics.

Dr. Yi Cui awarded 2021 Global Energy Prize

LifeLabs Design co-founder Dr. Yi Cui receives the prestigious Global Energy Prize in "New ways of energy application" for his contributions in nanomaterials design, synthesis and characterization for energy and the environment, particularly for transformational innovations in battery science.