LifeLabs Partners with to Offset Shipping Emissions

19 April 2022

Manasseh Franklin

It’s no secret, moving goods from one place to another emits carbon dioxide. In fact, maritime shipping accounts for an estimated 2.2% of global carbon emissions, equivalent to the entire country of Germany .

In keeping with LifeLabs' mission to make the best energy reducing products with the least environmental impact, we’re taking steps to offset our shipping emissions by partnering with, an organization that supports the reduction of global carbon dioxide emissions through climate change education, carbon offsets and reductions, and public outreach.

How does it work?

Carbon offsets are a tool to help individuals and organizations balance their emissions by supporting carbon reducing projects. To do this, we use’s calculator to tally our shipping emissions, from the factory overseas to the last mile before it reaches your house. LifeLabs then funds an equal amount per metric tonne to support emissions reducing projects around the world.

What kind of projects are supported?

With, we’ve designated that our shipping offsets go to projects developing Energy Efficiency. Examples of projects our offset dollars assist includes the adoption of burn fuels stoves and water filtration systems in Kenya, a waste-capture power plant in South Korea and reducing tailpipe emissions from freight truckers in the U.S. By directing our shipping emissions to these projects, we can help support a decrease in global greenhouse gas emissions for the long term.

It’s an exciting step on LifeLabs’ path to carbon neutrality. Says LifeLabs Senior Sustainability Manager Nicole Kenney, “In the textile industry, supply chain operations create carbon emissions at every step of the process. We are in the process of assessing those emissions in order to identify areas where we can reduce our impacts. Our partnership with CarbonFund allows us to immediately separate and offset the carbon emissions we produce from shipping our products to the customer.”

Learn more about and LifeLabs’ approach to New Sustainability .