10 Facts About Warmlife

19 October 2021

Tess Weaver

Throughout human history, we've relied on clothing to keep us warm. But not all warming materials are created the same, nor do they do equally as efficient a job.

LifeLabs WarmLife series was created to offer superior insulation without the bulk of inefficient fabrics or other insulating materials. By utilizing a reflective yet breathable material developed in labs at Stanford, WarmLife uses minimal material but delivers unmatched warmth.

Here are 10 facts about WarmLife

1. Both WarmLife and CoolLife make use of body infrared (IR) radiation. Instead of letting it escape, WarmLife puts it to work.

2. Heated bodies give off thermal radiation, accounting for ~60% of your body’s heat loss.

3. WarmLife fabric is IR-reflective, allowing body radiation to be reflected back to your body.

4. A lightweight, breathable nano-coating that uses a paper clip’s worth of aluminum reflects radiant body heat directly back onto the skin.

5. Aluminum is one of the world's most widely recycled materials.

6. The nano-coating is so thin, it allows for complete breathability.

7. WarmLife is so effective, that LifeLabs apparel delivers the same warmth by using 30% less insulation material.

8. The LifeLabs Jacket is the warmest jacket by weight on the market (22.3F degrees warmer than jackets of comparable weight)

9. WarmLife delivers more packable warmth that uses less virgin or recycled insulation.

10. WarmLife is designed to regulate body temperature and reduce energy consumption, a key driver of climate change.​