5 Eco-Friendly Gifts for Mother's Day

03 May 2022

Manasseh Franklin

It's that time of year again to celebrate mom. Here are a few sustainable takes on classic Mother's Day gifts.

CoolLife Sleep Set

It can easily be argued that the best gift you can give someone is good sleep. For moms, especially those experiencing the hot flashes of menopause, that’s especially true. The LifeLabs CoolLife Sleep Set is designed not only to be uber cozy and cute, but also to help your body thermoregulate throughout the night. With a continuous cooling effect unlike any other sleepwear, you could call it a hot flash crusher. Added bonus: for a limited time, you can buy a sleep set for mom and get one for yourself. Now, that’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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Plantable Greeting Card

Nothing says I love you like a greeting card and flowers, but both things are susceptible to an afterlife in the trash (or that overstuffed memento box in the attic). Plantable greeting cards offer an easy, colorful solution. Once mom has read your Mother’s Day appreciations, she can plant the card in her garden or planter box, sprinkle some water, wait a few weeks and viola: fresh flowers to brighten her day and make her think of you.

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mothers day flowers

Wool dryer balls

Dryer sheets may be a convenient way to soften laundry, but there’s a much earth-friendlier material that works even better: wool dryer balls. Not only are these felt balls chemical free, they’re also biodegradable and ultra durable. In the dryer, they warm up to help dry clothes faster and bounce around to soften the fabrics. If mom wants to add a fresh scent, couple your dryer ball gift with an essential oils package for the ultimate earthy-friendly clothes drying experience.

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WarmLife Vest

Give mom the gift of stylish preparation with this exceptionally versatile vest. Its sleek silhouette and modern lines are made to flatter at no expense to practicality. LifeLabs' WarmLife technology makes the vest 30% warmer than comparable vests with far few materials and bulk. It’s an easy piece for mom to throw in her bag before heading out for the day, or to tug on in the house while working from home.

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warm life vest

Eco-Friendly Chocolate

If mom loves chocolate, she’s in luck. While chocolate – more specifically the cocoa beans that make it – has a questionable track record for environmental and human rights issues, it’s getting easier to purchase beans sourced in eco and people friendly ways. To ensure the chocolate you buy for mom didn’t contribute to deforestation, habitat loss or child labor, look for labels like Rain Forest Alliance, UTZ, Fairtrade or Food Empowerment Project Recommended (FEP also offers a handy app to make it easy to browse only ethically sourced chocolate).

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Why not give mom the gift of a few free hours? This could take the form of a gift card to her favorite cafe, the movies or a yoga class. Better yet, set up a date to spend some special time together at a nearby park, zoo or tea house. Objects may say I love you, but memories last even longer.