Future of Fabric

Designed to regulate body temperature and reduce energy consumption, a key driver of climate change.​ 

The world is warming at an alarming rate. People need ways to stay cool without depending on heavy energy drains such as air conditioning, which accounts for 12% of our energy footprint. We asked ourselves a question: how can our clothes help keep people cooler?​

What is CoolLife?

CoolLife is the world’s first infrared-transparent fabric that releases your body heat to cool your temperature 3°F more effectively than comparable fabrics.

How does it work?

CoolLife's infrared transparency allows your body heat to escape and your body temperature to drop, creating a continuous cooling effect unlike any other apparel.  Polyethylene, a sustainable, recyclable polymer, transfers body heat away from the skin more efficiently than any other performance fabric in the world. 

Why is it better?

Polyethylene (PE) is the most sustainable among natural and synthetic textiles in the world, according to the Materials Sustainability Index.  
Engineering PE fibers uses less energy and water than traditional materials. They can be solution dyed and dry extruded, resulting in additional water savings.  
CoolLife delivers more effective cooling with less environmental impact for a uniquely cooler, drier, more comfortable experience. 

Staying warm is increasingly important as the world experiences more pronounced weather extremes. We asked ourselves a question: how can we help people stay warmer while reducing the environmental impact of our clothing?

What is WarmLife?​

Fabric that warms, so the earth doesn't have to. WarmLife is a proprietary technology that creates warmer, breathable apparel with less material.​ It's warmth without restriction.

Why is it better?

WarmLife delivers clothing that is 30% warmer than comparable items. Our WarmLife technology is also lighter and more packable  than apparel that uses virgin or recycled insulation. 

How does it work?

WarmLife uses less than a paper clip's worth of aluminum to reflect your radiant body heat back onto your skin, with 30 percent less material than similar items for a higher warmth-to-weight ratio. WarmLife allows you to pack lighter, move more freely and lower your environmental footprint. 
Our unique production process allows us to work with a range of fabrics including ultra-breathable, lightweight fabric that ensures the most comfortable fit.