LifeLabs Care Guide: Cool is the Rule

16 March 2022

Manasseh Franklin

LifeLabs’ unique, sustainably made fabrics are a class all their own. Follow these care guidelines to ensure your goods last as long as they're made to.

First off, how often do you need to wash your clothes and sheets? Probably less than you think. The National Resources Defense Council estimates that approximately 10% of the average home electricity use goes towards washing and drying laundry. The pulsing action of washing machines and hot air of dryers don’t just use a lot of CO2-emitting energy, they’re also hard on clothes and can contribute to premature wear.

coollife tee

CoolLife apparel gets its unique cooling properties from polyethylene. Just like you, polyethylene doesn’t like high heat. Wash only in cold water, on a gentle cycle. Either tumble dry with low or no heat, or better yet, line dry or dry flat. You’ll save energy and make your garments last longer. Do not iron, dry clean or otherwise use excessive heat.

CoolLife sheets get their cooling super power from a blend of polyethylene and organic cotton. Cool is the rule with these magic sheets. Wash cold, tumble dry low or no heat. Do not iron, bleach or dry clean.

Remember, CoolLife keeps you cool, so do the same for it.

warm life glove

WarmLife garments keep you warm, but these technical fabrics also like the cold. To protect the metallization that provides no-bulk reflective warmth in your WarmLife apparel, wash by hand or machine or with cold water on a gentle cycle.Then tumble dry low or no heat, or better yet line dry or dry flat. It’s better for the earth and helps your WarmLife threads live their fullest lives. Do not bleach, iron or dry clean.

Keep WarmLife cool so it can keep you warmer.