The LifeLabs Holiday Gift Guide

14 December 2021

CL Croft

Essential, sustainable gifts for everyone on your list

‘Tis the era of sustainable gifting. What does it mean to give sustainably? More energy-efficient products that can make meaningful, positive changes toward people’s daily lives (and the planet).

Here’s our round-up of energy-efficient, design-focused essentials from LifeLabs (and elsewhere) that will delight everyone on your list, even if they’re new to the sustainability movement.

CoolLife Sleep Set (In Men’s and Women’s)

The gift that’s made for literally every grown-up on your list—especially (but not limited to) the hot sleepers. Cast in a futuristic monochrome blue, the CoolLife Sleep Set capitalizes on the supercooling power of our CoolLife technology that continuously releases all of your body heat. We made this fabric to help you reduce reliance on AC, but it also functions brilliantly as cozy cold-weather loungewear.

Perfect for: Friends who sleep hot, parents who would look cute in a matching set, your tech-curious cousin.

GuppyFriend Laundry Bag

An effective, Earth-minded gift for those who strive for sustainability: GuppyFriend is a small, special bag that traps microfibers during the wash cycle, sparing plastic and other microfibers from waterways. When you do your laundry, friction causes your clothes (both natural and synthetic) to shed microfibers into waste streams, polluting a nasty 1 million microfibers into the ocean every year . One solution is to buy fewer yet higher quality clothes that are free of forever chemicals (like ours), wash them less often, and line dry. In tandem with GuppyFriend, you’ve got an especially sustainable system.

Perfect for: The sustainability-curious (like your friend who wants to save sea turtles) and early adopters of new lifestyle tech.

warmlife vest

WarmLife Vest (Unisex)

The ultimate core warmer for your core crew. The WarmLife Vest instantly wins favoritism for almost any reason: staying cozy while traveling light, keeping warm while working from home, extra insulation while jogging in light rain, or doing nothing but meditating on weightlessness.

Perfect for: Everyone who works from home, the outdoor explorer, and the jetsetter.

carbon offsets

Carbon Offsets

The average American produces 36,000 lbs of CO2 emissions each year—or about 3,000 lbs. each month. Carbon offsets aren’t a perfect solution for undoing those emissions, but when applied over the long-term alongside a holistic approach to living lighter, they can help combat climate change. Through companies like Terrapass , you can easily gift a time-based offset (a 12-month carbon offset costs about $179), which goes toward projects that support emission reduction, like landfill gas capture, clean energy from wind farms, and redirecting farm waste to produce electricity.

Perfect for: Clients and colleagues, extended family, and those who prefer gestural gifts to material.

CoolLife tee

CoolLife Short Sleeve Tee

Gift the most cooling top in the world to your coolest friend (or the one who needs to cool down). Designed to flatter universally, the CoolLife Short Sleeve Tee is the go-everywhere, hyper-comfortable tee that breathes like nothing else can. Using 30% less material than other tees, the CoolLife tee produces 60% fewer CO2 emissions—making it a choice gift for the sustainability-minded.

Perfect for: Your significant (or non-significant) other, the athlete who hits the gym like clockwork, and quite literally anyone who likes to feel comfortable.

zero waste gift

A Zero-Waste Kit

The average American produces about 5 pounds of trash per day. Think of the everyday packaging that we’ve come to perceive as normal: the morning’s disposable coffee cup, the takeout enshrined in plastic, the small mountain of waste via groceries, and the church of tiny disposables in our bathroom. Companies like Package Free answer the question of lifestyle waste with zero-waste alternatives to almost everything you need in daily life, like reusable razors, reusable to-go containers, and all manner of essentials you never knew didn’t need packaging. A zero-waste kit is a perfect starter gift.

Perfect for: Parents with little ones, burgeoning environmentalists, the conscious traveler.

WarmLife jacket

MegaWarm Jacket (In Men’s and Women’s)

For the ones who warm your heart the most: the world’s warmest jacket. Equally suited for mountain climbers and those of us who prefer our mountains on screens, this is the cold-season jacket for the new era of weird weather. When you give MegaWarm , you’re giving the result of years of scientific research, distilled in an impossibly lightweight, waterproof puffer. Via our special WarmLife tech and responsibly sourced 800-fill power goose down, MegaWarm delivers an unprecedented combination of warmth and design to the urban aesthete or the serious winter athlete—offering powerful weather-proofing for years to come.

Perfect for: Commuters in cold places, snow-sports enthusiasts, and everyone who experiences winter (almost all of us).