6 Ways to Wear CoolLife This Summer

24 May 2022

CL Croft

It's hard to not love the T-shirt. Whether long-sleeved or short-sleeved, this casual staple can be dressed up, dressed down, sweat in, slept in and more. There's basically no bad way to wear it.

In the spirit of expanding the endless versatility of the everyday tee, we supercharged it with cooling powers, giving you the best of functional style and material science. Here’s our guide to styling CoolLife for summer.

Looking sporty

With statement accessories

Your neon sunglasses call for an understated counterpart. CoolLife in solid neutrals makes a fashionable contrast with statement accessories in bright pops of color. We recommend the Zip Tee as a sporty staple for athletic, accessorized looks (like a tennis skirt and white sneakers).

sporty cool life

Go gorpcore

If you don’t know about the gorp, now is the time. A derivative of the phrase “Good Old Fashioned Raisins & Peanuts,” this look turns a traditional outdoor aesthetic into a basic everyday style with boxy silhouettes, layering, chunky and colorful socks, and by mixing earth tones with vivid colors that would prevent you from getting lost in the woods. We make our clothing as minimal as possible, so go forth and gorp.

At the office (or the “office”)

With a suit

A gender-neutral look: a monochrome suit with a T-shirt underneath. To push the trendiness, make it colorful and pair with chunky sneakers.

cool life blazer

With a blazer

Back in the office? Or still LARPing as a professional on Zoom calls? CoolLife’s dense weave gives it enough structure to fit with formalwear. Wear under a blazer for a look that means business when it comes to cooling performance (and also business). For an evening transition, swap pants for denim cutoffs.

CoolLife work

Out and about

With high-waisted shorts

Both ladies who love to garden and festival-goers wishing the pandemic out of existence will find CoolLife the perfect pair for classic denim shorts. Cold to the touch, it works to continuously cool you as you work or play.

CoolLife lifestyle

With oversized pants

For brunch and fancified errands: tucked into high-waisted, straight-leg trousers or a billowy skirt, the CoolLife tee is made chic and casual. Since it’s highly breathable, antimicrobial and moisture-wicking, you can rely on CoolLife to keep you comfortable from day to night.

How do you wear your CoolLife? Browse our latest colors and styles.