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6 Ways to Wear CoolLife This Summer

There's basically no bad way to wear a T-shirt. We expanding the endless versatility of the everyday tee by supercharging it with cooling powers. Here's your summer guide for how to wear CoolLife best.

LifeLabs Care Guide: Cool is the Rule

To get the most out of your sustainable LifeLabs goods, follow these lightest-care guidelines.

How the Life Systems Approach Offers Less And More

LifeLabs Life Systems approach offers versatile, timeless designs that can be worn anywhere for more experience with less materials and environmental impact.

From Animals to Humans, Insulation Explained

What can humans learn from the way animals stay warm through the winter? Insulation. Here's your guide to why insulation works, what kinds are best, and how LifeLabs is breaking the mold with our insulating materials.

Sustainable Packaging Matters. Here's Why.

Paper and plastic waste from packaging materials often ends up in landfills. We're using all compostable and recyclable materials to ensure ours doesn't. Here's how.

The LifeLabs Holiday Gift Guide

From cooling loungewear to micro-plastic capturing laundry bags and zero-waste toiletries, here's our guide to essential, sustainable gift ideas for everyone on your list.
megawarm jacket

The Science Behind MegaWarm, the World's Warmest Jacket

MegaWarm is the world’s warmest jacket, scientifically developed and designed to harness your body heat in the most effective, streamlined silhouette on the planet. It also uses the fewest materials in the most sustainable way. Here’s how.

Traveling for the holidays? Take these essential pieces with you

LifeLabs' essential apparel for your holiday vacation, from the snowy slopes of the Rockies to the sandy shores of the Caribbean.

Quantifying Comfort with Qmax and Clo

To quantify comfort like heating and cooling. Here, an explanation of Qmax and Clo, the tools LifeLabs Design uses to formulate the data behind its WarmLife and CoolLife line.

10 Facts About Warmlife

Some warming materials are superior to others. Here, we lay out the facts about WarmLife, where less bulk equals higher efficiency and energy savings.

10 Facts About CoolLife

What if a fabric existed that not only could keep you cool, but could also help you reduce your global energy consumption? CoolLife is just that.

Beautifully Efficient: LifeLabs' designer JJ Collier on Sustainable Design

A conversation with LifeLabs’ Global VP of Product Design JJ Collier on his design inspiration, approach to working with LifeLabs materials and focus on beautiful functionality.