The Year in Review From LifeLabs' CEO

30 December 2021

Scott Mellin

It’s been an incredible year.

When I started LifeLabs in April 2021, I knew we were on the leading edge of a movement, not only to change the apparel industry, but one that would cause a widespread disruption in the way we all think about and use energy.

Nine months later, I am amazed at the progress we’ve made. Our science team pioneered the most efficient and sustainable textiles on earth. Our design and sustainability teams shaped those textiles into modern apparel that makes every effort to maintain the lightest footprint possible. And, our marketing and e-commerce teams have brought the LifeLabs brand to life.

Our collection of sustainable apparel is starting to create a massive disruption to the way we think about and use personal energy. CoolLife garments like the CoolLife Tee and sleep set can reduce your core body temperature by nearly 2℃, while the WarmLife Jacket and Vest use reflective technology to give you unprecedented warmth with less materials. We ended the year on a high note, with the MegaWarm jacket, scientifically tested and designed to be the warmest jacket in the world.

The feedback that we’ve received so far confirms that the global community is ready to embrace our technology. And while we’re thankful to receive accolades in Forbes, Fast Company, Smithsonian, Gear Junkie and more, we realize that much work remains, to make LifeLabs a global brand.

In the year ahead, we’ll be unveiling a new suite of energy efficient apparel for sleep, movement, running and hiking, and snowsports. We are developing partnerships with new and mega-brands that will make our technologies more widely available across the globe. And we’re pushing our sustainability efforts to ensure that every claim we make has the data and accreditation to back it up.

We couldn’t have progressed so much this year without our incredible team, our amazing investors, and we couldn’t have done it without you. So thank you. For supporting the global launch of LifeLabs and spreading the word. For believing in a better future through the union of science and design.

Stay tuned. We have amazing things ahead.

Happy New Year,

Scott Mellin

CEO, LifeLabs Design

Scott Mellin