Scientifically engineered to reduce
global energy consumption.

Humans spend more than 90% of their time indoors. To maintain a comfortable body temperature, we consume considerable energy heating and cooling ambient air. 

In fact, indoor temperature control accounts for 12% of total U.S. energy consumption.

Our high-performance textiles are the most efficient and simplest way to control body temperature because they control the temperature of your skin, reducing wasteful ambient heating and cooling.

Future of Fabric

The world's first textiles designed to regulate body temperature and reduce personal energy consumption.

Lightweight, breathable metallic nano-coating reflects radiant body heat directly back onto the skin, delivering the same warmth* as items that use 30% more material.

*Warmth is measured by CLO. Our apparel delivers the same CLO using less materials.

The world’s first thermally transparent fabric that is 70% cooler* than organic cotton with half the environmental impact.

*Cooling is determined by QMax (also known as the Cool Touch Test)
which measures the movement of heat away from the body.

Our first collection.
An energy efficient clothing system.


New Sustainability

Our research seeks new ways to help people reduce their energy use.

Less Impact

Our goal with everything we make is to reduce our impact on the Earth. We stripped away the excess and created textiles that require less to manufacture and distribute. LifeLabs is PFC free, and our materials have a lower environmental impact than traditional materials, based on Higg Index ratings. 

Less materials

Our high-performing garments use less materials and fewer resources to reduce our environmental impact by 25%.

Less Waste

Smarter materials mean efficient manufacturing and shipping. Our dying techniques use less water. Our products are distributed in bio-based packaging that is recyclable or compostable. 

Less Energy

The more comfortable we are, the less energy we use for heating and cooling. We make the only textile that lowers body temperature in a warming world. 

We are driven by science and research, working in collaboration with Stanford University.

Research Papers

LifeLabs is founded and led by pioneers in the field of textile and materials science.

Every technology we create is designed to reduce global energy consumption, the key driver of climate change. To date, we have 11 patents designed to help humans to use less energy.